Progress…. finally!

Realised that I haven’t written anything for some time. I got a full time job, which has put some strain on my project but progress is being made.

In theory there are 3 sections to my work (ZRAM, Morimoto Oscillator and the combination of both). The ZRAM section is nearly done, with just the support polygon and the method to control the ZRAM point to deal with. The Morimoto Oscillator is thankfully just an add-on to work already done previously, maximum of 50 odd lines. The combination would be the easiest part which one one line of code to change šŸ™‚

The next part would be to optimise the code via a neural net or GA. I have been thinking of the best way to do this. Previously we have used a grid computer to perform the process intensive neural nets/GA’s. But access is intermittent, I have been thinking of using my Playstation 3 which I can put Ubuntu on and leave it running 24/7. Progress with this will be detailed later…

That just leaves 12,000 words to write up for my report… 1000 words done so far…. time to put on the motivational music! šŸ™‚


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Doctoral Candidate in Robotics. Random posts about travel, research and stuff!
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