Ways of finding out how code works

Today(or rather should that be this evening) I have made a big push in finding exactly what code (which hasn’t been commented!!!!) does for a section of my project.

The offending code is related to the Morimoto et al Oscillator. In which the code I am basing my project on has a bear bones implementation of the Morimoto et al Oscillator.

I have spent the night running test on the simulator getting output on various variables to decipher what code is linked to which equations.

I have nearly mapped out most equations to the code bar a few which are still puzzling me. A reason why is that the graphs (what would I do without gnuplot!) are sometimes more confusing the the uncommented code!  As shown below!

I’ll have a deeper look tomorrow and try to figure out the rest of the code. But progress tonight has been good 🙂


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