Where has 4 years disappeared?

Ok, so this will be a post to sum up what I’ve been up to and what I want to do on the blog before I actually start posting properly. Firstly thanks to Catherine Lux (http://www.luxlife-blog.com/) for suggesting I should start a blog thanks to my travels. Since the last time I have updated this blog I’ve done a fair bit of travelling which includes:

  • Japan x 2.
  • US (NYC x3,Washington DC, LA, Sanata Barbara, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Philadelphia).
  • All over Europe (far to many places to mention).
  • Brazil (São Paulo)

One of the things I seem to be very good at is organising trips and giving out tips. So what I would like to do is write (probably very long) posts about tips and advice from these places!

Work wise I’m in my 4th year of my PhD (long long story) will probably talk more about it in subsequent posts again including tips and general progress. My Google Scholar link is here

I very clearly need to tweak/update the site so I’ll do that first before writing any posts. Which will be on my (hopefully) upcoming trip back to Tokyo again.



About Peter

Doctoral Candidate in Robotics. Random posts about travel, research and stuff!
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